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Another interesting sale…

Roland & Co. had the pleasure of selling one of its exceptional certificates this month.

The certificate sold was the LAKE SUPERIOR MINERAL LAND COMPANY #26. 100 shares issued to Fredrick Brown. U/C.  The certificate is dated April 24, 1851[Washington DC] just one month after its incorporation on March 3, 1851.  It was signed, D. A. Hale as President and Goarham North as Secretary. The certificate is in fine condition without folds, tears or fading.

According to Lee Degood in “Michigan Copper Mining Stocks & Bonds”, the “LSMLC was a land holding company and very little information is available.”  Unfortunately, the location of the mine, the closing date of the mine, the names of the predecessor mine and the successor mine are not available. At the time of writing, Lee knew of only one other Lake Superior Mineral Land Company certificate, #25 and could only copy an image of the certificate from an online auction for the book. Happy to say now that a second LSMLC certificate has surfaced Lee will be able to include a much more detailed certificate.

It is a pleasure for me to say that the certificate is now in the hands of one of Scripophily’s most avid collectors, Larry Falater.



Certificate of the week (September 17, 2018)

Scan courtesy Franky Leeuwerck

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