The Bob Schell Stock Certificate & Bond Show IS BACK – January 27-28, 2023

Well that headline pretty much sums it up.  The show takes place in suburban Washington DC and all that latest information on the show can be found on Bob’s website: www.rsshell.com.

New Additions to the List of Books! – AGAIN

Thanks to David Adams, three new books have been added to our List of Books page! The new editions are: Alte hannoversche Wertpapiere: Zeugnisse der Wirtschaftsgeschichte Niedersachsens  [Old Hanoverian Securities: Evidence of Lower Saxony’s Economic History]. By Christian Fischer and Alheidis von Rohr, Der Pfandbrief: eine Finanzinnovation Friedrich des Großen [The Pfandbrief: A Financial Innovation of Frederick the Great] By Udo Hielscher, and Цінні папери міст України на зламі ХІХ-ХХ Століть: Каталог = Securities of Ukrainian Cities at the Turn of the 19th-20th Centuries: A Catalogue. By Ігор Іванович Антонюк.

To see all the books we have listed click here.

Sponsor a page on this site!!!

Going forward, we are accepting sponsors for various pages on our site!  A sponsor means that you will have a banner about your sponsorship on the top of the chosen page with a short message of your choosing.

Sponsorship is available to ANY current member of the Society.

Sponsorship is a great way to advertise a business, eBay store, or your personal wants and needs.

The charge to sponsor a page for one year is $US 50.

The Pages available for sponsorship are:

    • Upcoming Events
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    • What is Scripophily and FAQ
    • List of Museums
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    • Forum (members area)

If you are interesting in sponsoring a page, please contact Tim Welo, our Webmaster at either twelo@optonline.net or timwelo@gmail.com

Member Forum now accepts images!

The Forum for members comments can now accept images.  This is a great way to add some interesting content to what you have to say.  Please note this is in the Members Only portion of this site.







ATTENTION! – The AUGUST 2022 issue of Scripophily is available!

The latest and greatest issue of Scripophily is printed and heading your way.  For those that cannot wait, you can download the issue from this page.

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