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Member Franky Leeuwerck started writing blog posts about antique securities a decade ago. For this 10-year anniversary occasion he has set up an online survey (poll) about collecting preferences. The survey questions about concepts like ‘Beauty’, ‘Scarcity, ‘Historical significance’, ‘A good bargain’ and ‘Collection completeness’, which are all incentives for collectors worldwide.

Your (anonymous) participation is relevant and will be much appreciated. You can access the poll here: http://leeuwerck.blogspot.com/p/blog-page.html

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Pollock Mining Collection Still Available

The Geff Pollock Mining Collection is still available.  The entire collection was offered in Fred Holabird’s April auction but did not sell.  It is our understanding that the current asking price us US$55,000.  While that seems like a large sum, the collection has around 2,000 certificates.

If you would like to see the description of the collection as was listed in the Holabird sale, please click here. (WORD document)

If you would like to see a listing of all the certificates in the collection, please click here. (EXCEL spreadsheet)

If you are interested in further information, contact Holabird auctions at: info@holabirdamericana.com or call them at 1-777-851-1859.

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