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Indian Scripophily Presentation

Check out the latest in the Scripophily in the News page to see a presentation on Indian Scripophily by our member Sayeed Cassim.

NEW Members Only Benefit!

A new page of publications has been added to the Members Only area of the web site.  We have added the full publications (for download) of Russian Railway Bonds, Russian City Bonds, Ottoman Empire & Turkey – Share Certificates and Bonds, and Italian Railways – Share Certificates and Bonds.

These are four classic references that were written by Drumm and Henseler in the early days of the hobby and are still very relevant today.

The International Bond and Share Society now owns the copyrights to these books.

You can go directly to the page by clicking here, but you must be logged in as a member to access this information.

Michael Mahler does it again!

Michael Mahler has sent us an interesting piece entitled: Revenue Stamped Stock Certificates from the Civil War Tax Era 1862-1873. To see all of Michael’s articles press here and this new piece is the bottom of the list.

Sponsor a page on this site!!!

Going forward, we are accepting sponsors for various pages on our site!  A sponsor means that you will have a banner about your sponsorship on the top of the chosen page with a short message of your choosing.

Sponsorship is available to ANY current member of the Society.

Sponsorship is a great way to advertise a business, eBay store, or your personal wants and needs.

The charge to sponsor a page for one year is $US 50.

The Pages available for sponsorship are:

    • Upcoming Events
    • List of Books
    • List of Auction Houses
    • List of Dealers
    • List of Officers and Contacts
    • What is Scripophily and FAQ
    • List of Museums
    • List of Related Web Sites
    • IBSS Journals Available for Download (members area)
    • Forum (members area)

If you are interesting in sponsoring a page, please contact Tim Welo, our Webmaster at either twelo@optonline.net or timwelo@gmail.com

Member Forum now accepts images!

The Forum for members comments can now accept images.  This is a great way to add some interesting content to what you have to say.  Please note this is in the Members Only portion of this site.







Latest Journal Available

The latest (January 2024) issue of the IBSS Journal is on its way to you! In the meantime, it is available only in the Member’s Only Area.

Click here to go to that page and enjoy!

Yes, it is late and we apologize.

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