IBSS Auction of August 31, 2016

The results are in:

The total turnover was £1852.00 + 10% commission equals £2037.20. The Mike Bogue part of the turnover was £1212.00 (hammer price). 134 out of 179 lots sold, thus 76.5%.

This is comparable to our previous auction when turnover without commission was £1944.00 (or £2138.00 with commission). In March we had about 100 more lots: 275 lots of which 204 sold, or 74%.

The Mike Bogue part of the turnover in March was £1412.00.

The number of bidders rose from 25 (March) to 29 (August).

The Online catalog is here and a PDF of the catalog is available here. The full results are here.

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