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100 Historic Security WEB100 Historic Security by Matray Kalman. Well done book from 1990 with text in Hungarian, German and English. ISBN: 963-02-78456

250 Jahre Verischerungsgeschichte WEB250 Jahre Versicherungsgeschichte auf Aktien 1765 – 2015 by Klaus Schiefer, 420 pages, 2015, Self published. 250 years of historical insurance share certificates. This book contains information on 430 company names that are summaries in 290 company files.  There are 445 color illustrations and the book is indexed by name and location. Text in German. (Cover scan courtesy Klaus Schiefer).

3000 Titres Francais WEB3000 Titres Francais Repertories et Cotes by Guy Cifre. This 254 page publication from 1985 is what you’d expect from the title, a listing of 3,000 bonds and shares.

A Brief History of Chinese Military Notes and Bonds WEBA Brief Illustrated History of Chinese Military Notes and Bonds by S.P. Ting, 1982. Published in Taipei, Taiwan. (cover scan courtesy Jacob P. Su)

Acciones Alicantinas by Miguel Ors Montenegro and David Beltra Torregrosa. In Spanish. 336 pages in color. Bonds and shares from the Alcante region of Spain. ISBN:  978-84-617-3130-5

Acciones Espanolas WEBAcciones Espanolas by Jorge Ibanez. A finely produced book of Spanish bonds and share will all illustrations in color. In Spanish. ISBN: 84-95241-18-8

Actions Obligations Emprunts Le Livre Des Richesses WEBActions, Obligations, Emprunts: Le Livre Richesses by Francois Bayle. An early book from 1979 in French. ISBN: 2-86418-049-9

Alaska & Yukon Stocks and Bonds WEBAlaska & Yukon Stocks and Bonds by Dick Hanscom. Almost 350 pages of the stocks and bonds of the Yukon and Alaska. Most are illustrated in black and white.

0-not availableAlcohol Companies by I. Fedot. 2010, 140 pages. Lists all known shares and bonds from the Russian alcohol industry. Text is in Russian and pictures in black and white.

American Automotive Stock Certificates WEBAmerican Automotive Stock Certificates by L. Falater, 1997. Published by BNR Press, Port Clinton, Ohio, USA.

American Brewers Stock and Bond Certificates WEBAmerican Brewers Stock and Bond Certificates by Lawrence Falater and Don Mesler. This book is a little over 100 pages with many color illustrations of brewer related bonds and shares.

American Railroad Stock Certificates WEBAmerican Railroad Stock Certificates by Anne-Marie Hendy. An early work on the hobby (1980) with many illustrations of some significant railroad certificates. ISBN: 0-85259-296-5

An Illustrated History of US Loans WEBAn Illustrated History of U.S. Loans by Gene Hessler. A complete listing of U.S. loans from 1775 through 1898 with most illustrated in black and white. ISBN: 0-931960-18-5

Antique Stock Certificate Almanac 2005 – Antique Stock & Bond Price Guide by Fred Fuld III. Over two hundred pages of listings of stock and bond and estimated value.

Antique Stock Certificate Almanac 2014 WEBAntique Stock Certificate Almanac 2014 – Antique Stock & Bond Price Guide by Fred Fuld III. Over two hundred pages of listings of stock and bond and estimated value. ISBN13: 978-1492748557

Arad Hartii WEBArad – Hartii de Valoare Istorice by A. Weil. 2009, 218pages. This full color book has as focus the city of Arad, Romania. Interesting texts on the city’s history and economic development and also on the local railway and financial industry. Illustrated with +100 old shares of Arad companies (also indexed). Text in Romanian, Hungarian, German and English.

Arizona Mines and Mining Companies 1854-1954 by James Garbani. 1993, 307 pages. A black and white listing of Arizona mines and companies together with their district or geographic locations. Illustrated with stock certificates. Garbani’s collection was auctioned by Fred Holabird on March 23, 2002. Holabird’s catalog is a compilation of Garbani’s collection together with certificate images and extensive information on the mines and companies.

Aufbruch Auf Aktein by Jakob Schmitz. This is a huge book in German copyright 1996 with very nice illustrations. ISBN: 3-87881-101-2

Bank Securities in Poland Betwen 1871 and 2000. 180 pages. Text in Polish, German and English. Copyright by RHEINHYP-BRE Bank Hipoteczny S.A. Warszawa 2000.

Belgium Tramways Around the World WEBBelgian Tramways around the World by J. L. De Beir. 2004, 288pages. Reference catalogue on Belgian tramway companies, including many firms operating abroad (+40 countries). No price references, but all types known are listed and most are illustrated (in color). Text in English & French.

Belgische Scheepvaartaandelen WEBBelgische Scheepvaartaandelen/Actions de la Navigation Belge by Arthur Steppe. A catalog of navigation related certificates from Belgium. All illustrations in color and published by Centrum Voor Scriptophilie. Text in Flemish and French.

0-not availableBeurselaub/Images of Four Centuries of Security Trading 1979. Pictorial book. Published by Vontoel & Co., Zurich, Switzerland. Text in German, French and English.

Bonds and Bondholders WEBBonds and Bondholders: British Investors and Mexico’s Foreign Debt, 1824 – 1888 by Michael P. Costeloe. An in-depth look into Mexican debt from the 19th century. A few illustrations in black and white. ISBN: 0-275-97939-3. There is a Spanish edition of this book entitled Deuda externa de México. Bonos y tenedores de bonos, 1824-1888 with an ISBN 978-968-16-8361-0 (paperback); 978-968-16-8022-0 (hardback). The Spanish version has 403 pages including appendix and index. Includes 23 pages of color images.

Carte Valori depoca Collana Regionale Campania WEBCarte valori d’epoca Collana Regionale Campania by Alex Witula. An extensive listing of papers from the Naples region of Italy. Text in Italian. ISBN13: 978-88-95848-00-6

Carte Valori Depoca Collana Regionale Sicilia WEBCarte valori d’epoca Collana Regionale Sicilia by Alex Witula. An excellent reference to the papers of Sicily with all illustrations in color. Text in Italian. ISBN13: 978-88-900170-6-3

Carte Valori Depoca Collana Regionale Tuscana WEBCarte valori d’epoca Collana Regionale Toscana by Alex Witula. A thorough listing of bonds and shares from the Tuscan region of Italy. Text in Italian. ISBN13: 978-88-900170-9-4

Carte Valori Depoca Collana Regionale Veneto WEBCarte valori d’epoca Collana Regionale Veneto by Alex Witula. A reference to the papers of the Venice region of Italy with all illustrations in color. Text in Italian. ISBN13: 978-88-900170-7-0

Catalogo Dei Titoli Del Debito Pubblico Italiano by Alex Witula in collaboration with Enzo Fatarella. 2012, 560 pages. A large volume covering Italian public bonds up to 1994 in full color. The text is in Italian and values are provided. ISBN13: 978-88-95848-08-2

Catalogue de Titres Anciens – Chemins de Fer et Tramways en France by J. Ruschke 1982. Catalog of old titles railways & tramways in France. (cover scan courtesy Alex Witula)

0-not availableCatalogue de Titres Anciens de Marseille et des Bouches-du-Rhome. Published by Scripo Club de Provence 1st edition 1993, 2nd edition 1995.

Certificados de Bonos Y Acciones de Puerto Rico by Dennis De Jesús Rodríguez. Catalog of Puerto Rico Stocks and Bonds. The first and only reference guide about Puerto Rico Scripophily. Over 400 listed types and varieties and about 390 color photos in 128 pages. Softcover book printed on gloss paper 8.5 X 11 inches. Catalog is in Spanish but introduction was edited in English by Terry Cox, an authority in USA and North American railroad scripophily. 

C’E Un Momento, Un Istante, Uno Scarto Tra Il Rocordo Del Non C’Era E La Consapevolezza Del Mia Piu Senza, Che Ogni Collezionista Vive by Alberto Puppo. The largest and prestigious collection of stock and bond containing the history of finance. A prestigious exhibition Work for collectors produced in only 100 numbered copies with authentic signatures of the authors, created after 20 years of research and cataloging. Linked to an online archive with historical insights and real – time quotes. Features: 1200 pages, large format XL 33,5×48 cm. Weight 15,4 Kg. Bilingual book Italian and English. Content: Numbered work with authentic autographed certificates, documents, wooden lectern and packaging. Full handmade with high quality materials. 100% made in Italy. For information and ordering click here. ISBN-10: 8894273008, ISBN-13: 978-8894273007

Chinas Foreign Dept WEBChina’s Foreign Debt by Wilhelm Kuhlmann. An early and still much used reference on the debt of China. ISBN: 0-9610100-0-9

China’s Historic Foreign Bonds by John M. Thomson and David Perry. China Bond eBook: An Essential Reference Guide for Collectors of China Bonds. Background information on China’s External Loans and related Bearer Bond issues from 1850 to 1949 with more than 240 full color illustrations of the majority of Historical China Bonds in current circulation. Detailed information includes the number of bonds issued, the different denominations, relevant yields, issuing banks and financial institutions, plus related SCRIP certificates. ISBN: 978-988-14303-1-1  It is available for sale at:

Collectible Stocks and Bonds from North American Railroads – Guide with Prices, 3rd Edition by Terry Cox. A thorough listing of bonds and shares of North American railroads. This information is also now an on-line database that is continually updated by the author. It is searchable by railroad company name and the information provided includes up-to-date pricing, more images and serial numbers of recorded certificates. ISBN: 978-0-9746485-1-4

Collectible Stocks and Bonds from North American Railroads WEBCollectible Stocks and Bonds from North American Railroads: Guide with Prices, Second Edition by Terry Cox. A very thorough listing of bonds and shares of North American railroads and a significant advancement from the first edition. This listing is now an on-line database that is continually updated by the author. It is searchable by railroad company name and the information provided includes up-to-date pricing, many more images and serial numbers of recorded certificates. ISBN: 0-9746485-0-7

Collecting Bonds and Paper Money WEBCollecting Paper Money and Bonds by Colin Narbeth, Robin Hendy and Christopher Stocker. This 1979 publication is one of the first on the hobby of scripophily. It is a somewhat thin volume but packed full of good information.

Collecting Stocks and Bonds WEBCollecting Stocks and Bonds by George H. LaBarre. A three-volume set that comprises almost 400 pages of stocks and bonds published in 1981. All illustrations are in black and white and price estimates are provided as well.

Comprehensive Catalog and History of Confederate Bonds WEBComprehensive Catalog and History of Confederate Bonds by Douglas Ball. The first edition was published in 1998 by BNR Press – ISBN 0931960584. The book’s foreword is by John J. Ford. The book was updated as can be seen in the next listing. Listing and scan courtesy David Adams.

Comprehansive Catalog and History of Confederate Bonds WEBComprehensive Catalog and History of Confederate Bonds by Douglas Ball and Henry F. Simmons, Jr. Published in 2015. Probably the most complete listing of Confederate Bonds available with rarity and value estimates. ISBN: 0-931960-78-9

Confederate Bonds and Certificates by C.J. Affleck and B.M. Ball, 1960. Illustrated listing. Published by Carr Publishing, Boyce, Virginia, USA.

Confederate and Southern Bonds 2nd Edition WEBConfederate and Southern Bonds, Second Edition by Grover C. Criswell. A book of Confederate bonds with rarity ratings, numbers issued and estimated prices published in 1980.

Confederate Treasury Bonds WEBConfederate Treasury Bonds: An Illustrated Price guide and Catalog to Confederate Treasury Bonds by Dave Nelson. A nice compact book with all illustrations in color and values.

The Corinth Canal – Securities 1882 – 1977. In German – Der Kanal von Korinth – Historische Wertpapiere 1882-1977. By Hans-Georg Glasemann. In German. ISBN 978-3-74945-231-6, Copyright 2019. 60 Pages with 40 in color.

Die amerikanischen Grunder auf Aktien und Anleihen WEBDie Amerikanischen “Grunder” auf Aktien und Anleihen by J. Schmitz, 1987. Portraits, short biographies and shares of American entrepreneurs. Published by Commerzbank, Frankfurt, Germany. (Cover scan courtesy Klaus Schiefer)

Die Bewertung Historischer in der Verbundenen WEBDie Bewertung Historischer Wertpapiere in der Verbundenen Hausratversicherung by K. Schiefer, 1995. Valuing scripophily for insurance. Published by VVW, Karlsruhe, Germany. Text in German. (Cover scan courtesy Klaus Schiefer)

0-not availableDie 7,445 Titel beim BARoV 1997. Listing of the Reichsbank hoard, German and Foreign issues. Published byy Suppes, Weisdaben.

Directory of Joint Stock Companies of Interwar Poland and Shares Issued by these Companies by Leszek Koziorowshi, 2016. In two thick volumes with a total of 656 pages are cataloged 2494 listed companies and 5044 different shares issued by 1090 joint stock companies. You can find out more about this book at (Polish) or by writing the autor at ISBN: 978-83-942141-2-8

Second Volume of above

0-not availableDer Reichsbank – Hort 1997. Listing of Reichsbank Hoard – German issues. Published by Arkiten-Gaerie, Uberlingen.

Deutsche Wertpapiere aus der Reichsmarkzeit – Ablösung der Ostwerte nach der Wiedervereinigung. By Hans-Georg Glasemann, Frankfurt/Main, 1998. German securities from the Reichsmark period 1924-1945 – repayments of the East German Bonds and Share Certificates after the German Reunification. (Cover scan and information provided by Hans-Georg Glasemann.)

Deutsche Wirtschaftsgeschichte und Finanzgeschichte – aus der Sicht eines Sammlers Historischer Wertpapiere by Manfred Denecke, HP-Verlag, Bern 1994. A book covering more than 50 articles from the German collector Manfred Denecke (1930 – 1992), published in the “HP-Magazin für Historische Wertpapiere” from 1984 – 1992. Cover scan and information provided bu Roland Schmidt.

Deutschlands Auslandsanleihen 1924-1945 Rückzahlungen nach der Wiedervereinigung von 1990. By Hans-Georg Glasemann, Wiesbaden, 1992. Germany’s foreign bonds 1924-1945 – repayments after the German Reunification of 1990. (Cover scan and information provided by Hans-Georg Glasemann.)

Document Stories A Pastiche of Articles WEBDocument Stories by S.J. Mock. Historical articles on scripophily and other documents. Published by Elton-Wolf of Seattle Washington, USA. (Cover scan courtesy John Herzog)

Dow Jones by Peter Jones. The stories behind the first companies that formed the Down Jones Average in 1884 as told by their stock certificates. And the stories behind that companies that formed the industrial average when it went from 11 stocks to 12 stocks in 1896, then to 20 stocks in 1916 then to 20 stocks in 1928.  And finally, the longest-lasting 30 stocks in the average and the 10 largest stocks today. Their stories are all illustrated in color by a collection of the securities from each company. If you would like to buy a copy of this book, please mail you name and address, and a check for $US 79 (includes US mailing) to: Peter Jones, Box 1, Windham, CT 06280.

Duecento Anni di Titoli azionari in Italia by Borsa Valori di Milano. Published by Edizioni Promoedi. Text in Italian. (cover scan courtesy Alex Witula)

0-not availableEski Tahviller ve Hisse Senetlari by C. Aslantepe, 1993. Old Bonds and Shares from the Ottoman Empire and the First Years of the Republic of Turkey. Published by The Development Bank of Turkey, Ankara. Test in Turkish and English.

A Financial History of the Panama Railroad, 1849-1949 by Julius Grigore, Jr. How the Panama Railroad Company became the richest railroad operation on three occasions and how it was brought to near bankruptcy five times by transcontinental competitors. Published by Julius Grigore.  Test in English. ISBN: 9781466412781

Financing the American Revolution WEBFinancing the American Revolution by Udo Hielscher. A very nice explanation of how the American Revolution was financed with many illustrations, in color. ISBN: 0-9642630-1-7

Financing the World by Keith Hollender. The third book by Keith Hollender on financial history, this book focuses on the events and entrepreneurs that shaped the world of finance we know today. It describes the period of initial industrialization and the regular stock market crashes that accompanied it, in a concise and interesting style aimed at both the novice and the expert. Tales of financial skulduggery, innovation and the people behind it all lucidly and amusingly set out. Many color illustrations. ISBN: 978-1-907427-74-9. Can be ordered at

France The Royal Loans WEBFrance: The Royal Loans 1689 – 1789 by Howard J. Shakespeare. An impressive listing of French loans prior to the revolution. Text in English and French with many illustrations in black and white. ISBN: 0-947604-02-2

The French Panama Canal Company and Other Central American Transport Projects Historic Securities 1880-1894. In German: Die Französische sische Panamakanal-Compagnie Sowie Andere Zentralamerikanische Verkehrsprojekte by Hans-Georg Glasemann, Copyright 2019. 104 pages w/black-and-white illustrations. Text in German. Forty pages of descriptions and illustrations of certificates; six-page bibliography. ISBN-13: 978-374-942-29042.

From Lukasiewicz to the Stock Market by Rysard Nater & Zygmunt Nater. In Polish and English. Here are a unique collection of securities and photographs documenting the history of oil companies active in Polish lands until 1939.  This book was published to celebrate the debut of Polskie Gornictwo Naftwo i Gazawnictwo SA on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.  All bonds and shares in color. ISBN: 83-910156-7-X

Galerie Sevogel Historische Wertpapiere WEBGalerie Sevogel Historische Wertpapiere. This is a three volume set compiled by Galerie Sevogel with any bonds and shares illustrated in color. ISBN: (Vol 2) 3-858823-097-9

Genealogy of American Finance WEBGenealogy of American Finance by Robert E. Wright and Richard Sylla. This work is published by the Museum of American Finance and Columbia Business School with a 2015 copyright and contains detailed information on US banks and financial institutions. It contains a fair number of stock certificates. ISBN13: 978-0-231-27026-0

Georgia Railroad Paper WEBGeorgia Railroad Paper: Stock Certificates, Bonds, and Currency Issued by Railroads Operating in Georgia 1833 – 1932. Edited by Gary F. Eubanks. This is a very comprehensive catalog of railroads that operated in Georgia up until the advent of the Great Depression of the 1930’s. All the certificates are illustrated in color. ISBN13: 978-0-615-18213-1

German Dollar Bonds WEBGerman Dollar Bonds Issued Between 1924 and 1937 by F. Paul Seabrook. This is a listing of the 156 bonds issued in US Dollars. Exceptional detail is provided for each bond and most are illustrated in color.

Gregor MacGregor WEBGregor MacGregor: Cazique of Poyais 1786 – 1845 by Richard T. Gregg. 1999, 28 pages. This is publication number one of the IBSS publication program. This is a very readable book on one of the most famous land frauds ever perpetrated. The author, Richard Gregg was a past president of the USA Chapter of the International Bond and Share Society. ISBN: 0-9511250-2-8

Historic Foreign Bonds of China WEBHistoric Foreign Bonds of China – A Collector’s Compendium by John M. Thompson. This is a 200 page finely illustrated book on China’s foreign dept. An updated version of this book is available in electronic format. ISBN13: 978-967-11082-0-8.

Historische Aktien Europa WEBHistorische Aktien Europa/Historic Stock Certificates Europe: Germany, Denmark, Bulgaria & Belgium by Hans Braun. An incredibly well produced book on stock certificates from Germany, Denmark, Bulgaria and Belgium. Text in German and English. ISBN: 3-87439-396-8

Historische Aktien USA WEBHistorische Aktien USA/Historic Stock Certificates USA by Hans Braun. An incredibly well produced volume on American stock certificates. One of the best produced books on American scripophily. Text in German and English. ISBN: 3-87439-397-6

Historische Amerikanische Aktien WEBHistorische Amerikanische Aktein by Udo Hielscher. About 100 pages of rare and interesting American share certificates with all illustrations in color. Text in German. ISBN: 3-921722-06-3

Historische Wertpapiere Band 1 Osterreichische WEBHistorische Wertpapiere Band 1: Osterreichische Bankaktian 1761-1930 by D.J. Geerkens, 1998. Austrian Bank Shares. Text in German. (Cover scan courtesy Klaus Schiefer).

Historische Wertpapiere Band 2 Ungarrische Lokaleisenbahnen WEBHistorische Wertpapiere Band2: Ungarische Lokaleisenbahnen by D.J. Geerkens. Hungarian local railways. Published 2001, text in German. (Cover scan courtesy Klaus Schiefer).

0-not availableHistorische Wertpapiere Band 5: Peru/Bolivia by Jurij Auslitz, 2007. Text in Spanish, English and German.

Historische Wertpapiere - Sinnvoll Sammein - Garantiert Gewinnen WEBHistorische Wertpapiere: Sinnvoll Sammein – Garantiert Gewinnen by Jorg Nimmergut, 1991. A Catalog of bonds and shares with price estimates in German. ISBN: 3-89441-042-6

Historische Wertpapiere der Spanischen WEBHistorische Wertpapiere der Spanischen Koniglichen und Privaten Handelsgesellschaften des 18. Jahrhunderts by Alexander Kipfer. This is a book about historical securities of the Spanish Royal and private trading companies of the 18th century. The text is in German. ISBN: 3-89228-533-0

Historische Wertpapiere WEBHistorische Wertpapiere by Jakob Schmitz. Any early work from 1982, in German, on collecting bonds and share certificates. Illustrations in black and white. ISBN: 3-430-17999-8

Hiwepa-Katalog HIstorische Wertpapiere Schweiz 2009. Catalogue covering the known Suisse bonds and share certificates. Cover scan and information provided by Roland Schmidt.

Hoffnungswerte – Ungeregelte Ansprüche aus Wertpapieremissionen vor 1945 und ihre Entschädigung nach der Wiedervereinigung. By Hans-Georg Glasemann and Ingo Korsch, Wiesbaden, 1991. Unregulated claims from bonds and share certificates issued before 1945 and their compensation after the German Reunification. Cover scan and information provided by J=Hans0Georg Glasemann.)

0-not availableHrvatske Vrijednosice (Croatian Certificates) 1846 – 1945 by B. Zlatkovic 1994. Published by Obol-NakIada, Zagreb. Text in Croatian with some German and English.

Hundret Thaler Prussisch Corant WEBHundret Thaler Preussisch Courant – Industriefinanzierung in der Grunderzeit by Wolfgang Fach and Horst A. Wessel. A book in Prussian industrial firms. Text in German. (Cover scan courtesy Klaus Schiefer).

Iegor 1982 WEBIegor 1982 by Iegor de Saint Hippolyte. This book lists nearly 3,500 auction prices for stocks and bonds certificates reached in Austria, Germany, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States from September 1980 through October 1981. ISBN: 2-85299-000-8

Illustrowany Katalog Obligacji Polski WEBIlustrowny Katalog Obigacji Polski Przed Poroborowwej 1782-1918 by J. Moczydlowski, 1992. Reference catalog of Polish State and related bonds. Published in Warsaw. Text in Polish.

Ilustrowany Katalog Polskich Obligacji 1918-1959 WEBIlustrowny Katalog Polskich Obligacji Panstwowych 1918-1959 by J. Moczydlowski, 1990. Reference catalog of Polish state bonds. Published in Warsaw. Text in Polish with some in German.

Images of Value by Mark Tomasko, 2017. This paperback is definitely for those attracted to the artistic merits of vintage securities.  Mr. Tomasko curated an exhibit in New York at the Grolier Club in early 2017 which contained the original art, engraving ephemera, and final products of the vignettes found on about 30 stock certificates together with a great deal of paper money and other printed matter.  This is the exhibition catalog, which means it is contains the legends used with the exhibits as well as various introductory narratives.  A special treat is a frontispiece displaying a print drawn from an original steel plate engraving of Foringer’s Abundance.

0-not availableInternational Catalogue of Sales of Collector-Item Security Certificates and Records by I de Saint Hippolyte. List of 5,000 market prices. Published by Myer, Paris 1980.

The Insiders Guide to Antique Securities WEBInsider’s Guide to Antique Securities
by G.H. Garrison. Good introductory text by an early leading dealer. Williamsburg, Virginia USA 1987. (Cover scan provided by David Adams.)

Ivar Kreuger WEBIvar Krueger – en komplicerad finanshistoria by Roland Fagerfjäll.  Interesting business biography of Ivar Krueger a Swedish civil engineer, financier, entrepreneur and industrialist. Lots if information and pictures of bonds and shares. Text in Swedish. ISBN 91-89330-05-6 (Cover scan and information provided by Peter Blickisdorf.)

Investment of Foreign Capital in Egyptian Companies and Public Debt, by Arthur Edwin Crouchley, M.A. (Com.), Lecturer, Faculty of Commerce; Egyptian University, Cairo, Ministry of Finance, Egypt, published by Government Press, 1936, 210 pages, gives an excellent survey on all bonds issued by Egyptian Government and shares and/or debentures issued by private Joint-Stock companies 1862-1935. A lot of tables show the paid up capital and debentures, date of foundation, year of liquidation etc. of the private companies. Hard to find Reprint Edition of 1977, reprinted from a copy in The Harvard College Library, Manufactured in the United States of America, Reprint of the 1936 edition issued of the Egyptian Ministry of Finance. (Cover scan and information provided by Hans-Georg Glasemann.)

Japanese Financial Art – An Overview of Japanese Scripophily by David Baeckelandt. 2010, 20 pages. This on-demand pamphlet by contains color illustrations of Japanese scripophily together with a general background to the field.

Katalog Over Gamla Aktiebrev WEBKatalog Over Gamla Aktiebrev. This is a 1998 publication from the Swedish Scripophily Association. It is an extensive listing of Swedish certificates and also comes with a separate listing of estimated values. ISBN: 91-630-6207-0.

Katalog Over Gamla Akiebrev II 2009. Supplement to the 1988 publication listing 2,000 more shares and bonds. Published by Svenska Foreningen for Historiska Vardepapper, Eskilstuna. Text in Swedish. ISBN: 978-91-89330-29-0. (Cover scan courtesy Bo Niklasson.)

0-not availableLa Belle Histoire du Titre by M. Rachline. Introductory book, published by Banques Populaires/Albin Michel, Paris 1991. Text in French.

La France D'Outre-Mer WEBLa France D’Outre-Mer, 1,500 Titres Repertories et Cotes by Guy Cifre. This is a publication of French overseas investments published in 1993. The book is well illustrated with many black and white reproductions of bonds and shares with estimated values. ISBN: 2-9501106-2-2.

La France en Titres WEBLa France en Titres, Repertoire Departmental des Titres Collection by Guy Cifre. This 1990 publication contains many black and white illustrations and estimated values.

le Maroc en Scripophilie WEBle Maroc en Scripophilie by M. Enay. 2004, 214 pages. Prestigious hard cover book in full color listing all known Moroccan certificates (about 400) with color picture and description but no values. The first 76 pages give a detailed history on the country. Text in French.

Le Più Belle Azioni D’epoca by Alex Witula. 310 illustrations in full color of the most important Italian and a selection of 30 international stock and bond certificates divided into 34 different branches.  Test in Italian. ISBN: 978-88-95848-10-5.

Le Societa quotate alla Borsa Valori di Milano dal 1861 al 2000 by Giuseppe De Luca, 2002. Published by Libri Scheiwiller. Text in Italian. (cover scan courtesy Alex Witula)

0-not availableLes Girondins D’Antan bp H. Largeteau, 1993. Catalog of bonds and shares relating to Gironde department. Published by Largeteau, Bordeaux.

Let Me Entertain You WEBLet Me Entertain You with Antique Stock Certificates by Fred Fuld III. This is a volume of entertainment related stock certificates. ISBN13: 9781512271348

0-not availableLos Titulos Valores del Canal Frances by Bolsa de Valores de Panama, 1977. Text in Spanish.

Michigan Copper Mining Stocks and Bonds by Lee De Good. 2011, 400 pages. This is a fine hardbound book of all Michigan copper mining stocks and bonds known to the author and his collaborators. Contains large full color illustrations of all stocks and bonds described in full detail, together with photos and post cards showing works and related subject matter. Gives a rarity scale correlated with prices.

0-not availableMonedas, Medallas, Billetes, Acciones y Documentos Bancarios de Bolivia. Includes a listing of Bolivian bonds in English. Published by Banco de Credito Oruro, La Paz.

0-not availableNevada Mining Stock Certificates and Bonds by D. McDonald & F. Holabird. Published by Gypsyfoot, Helena, Montana USA, 1996.

New Economics 1922-1929 by I. Fedot. 2014, 116 pages. Lists all known shares issued under the NEP (New Economic Policy) from Lenin. An interesting sub-field in Russian scripophily. Text in Russian, pictures in black and white.

Nostalgia for Ottoman Bonds and Shares WEBNostalgia for Ottoman Bonds and Shares by Cengiz Asiantepe. This is a huge book and very well printed with all illustrations in color. The text is in English. The book was published by Alfa Securities, Istanbul.

Old Securities Volume 1 Russian Railway Bonds WEBOld Securities, Volume 1: Russian Railway Bonds by Ulrich Drumm and Alfons W. Henseler. An early work in scripophily. Text in English, French and German. A listing, with illustrations of Russian railway bonds including a fold-out map of Russian railways.

Old Securities Volume 2 Chinese Bonds and Shares WEBOld Securities, Volume 2, Chinese Bonds and Shares by Ulrich Drumm and Alfons W. Henseler. Another early work on Scripophily. (Cover scan courtesy Klaus Schiefer).

Old Securities Volume 3 Russian City Bonds WEBOld Securities, Volume 3: Russian City Bonds by Ulrich Drumm and Alfons W. Henseler. An early work in scripophily. Text in English, French and German. A listing, with illustrations of Russian city bonds including a fold-out map of eastern Russian.

Old Securities Volume 4 railroads of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy WEBOld Securities, Volume 4: Railroads of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy by Drumm, Henseler, Beronneau and Schlacher. A listing, in German of railways in Austro-Hungary from 1855 through 1935. Also contains a map of the region.

Old Securities Volume 5 Ottoman Empire and Turkey WEBOld Securities, Volume 5: Ottoman Empire and Turkey – Share Certificates and Bonds by Drumm, Henseler and Glasemann. A listing of bonds and shares from Turkey and the Ottoman Empire from 1854 through 1938. Text in English, German and French.

Old Securities Volume 6 Italian Railways WEBOld Securities, Volume 6: Italian Railways – Share Certificates and Bonds by Drumm, Henseler and Witula. A throughout listing of the bonds and share of Italian railways from 1840 through 1947. Text in English, German, French and Italian.

Old Securities WEBOld Securities edited by Ulrich Drumm, Alfons W. Henseler and Erich J. May. A small, almost pocket-size, book of securities in color. Minimal text in English. ISBN: 3-921846-62-5

0-not availableOsakekirjat Kertovat (Aktiebreven Berattar) by B. Kantanen and K. J. Sillanpaa, 1988. Stock Certificates Talk to Us. Published by Frederika. Text in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Osmanli Donemi Tahvil ve Hisse Senetleri - Ottoman Securities WEBOsmanlı Dönemi Tahvil ve Hisse Senetleri – Ottoman Securities by Ali Akyıldız, 532 pages, 2001. In Turkish and English, although descriptions of certificates have limited English translation. ISBN 975-6650-03-6. Turkish Economy Bank Book has four parts – (1) Company Formation in the Ottoman Period (2) Examples of Securities and Shares Issued by the Companies (3) Securities Relating to Domestic and Foreign Loans of the Ottoman State (4) Other Bonds and Shares of the Ottoman Period Preserved in the Collection of Securities. The last three parts illustrated with 267 certificates, all in color. Scan an information courtesy David Adams.

Pictoral Stock Certificates WEBPictorial Stock Certificates: Lithography & Engravings for the Graphic Art Collector by Brent Brown. A nice collection of bonds and shares all reproduced in color. ISBN13: 9781512104325

Polskie Papiery Wartosciowe - Polish Securities WEBPolskie Papiery Wartosciowe – Polish Securities by Leszek Kalkowski and Leslaw Andrzej Paga. Large format book with text in Polish and English, third Edition 2000. ISBN 83-900695-6-3

0-not availableRailroad Equipment 1845- 1917 by I. Fedot. 2006, 158 pages. Lists all known shares and bonds from the Russian railroad industry, including some metallurgical and mining companies. Pictures in color and the text is in Russian.

Reference Catalogue of Spanish and Portuguese Railways WEBReference Catalogue of the Bonds, Shares of Railway & Tramway Companies of Spain and Portugal by Erik Boone and Howard Shakespeare. An excellent listing with illustrations in black and white with text in English, Spanish and Portuguese. ISBN: 90-9008705-2

Referenskatalog Svenska Aktiebrev (Reference Catalog of Old Swedish Shares) by The Swedish Society of Historical Certificates. An updated reference of 8,500 Swedish share certificates with 1,000 of them illustrated in color.  This book has been produced in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the society. All text in Swedish. This book can be ordered from the Swedish Association for Historical Securities, Box 16 246, 103 25 Stockholm, Sweden or via E-mail: The price is 300 SEK + postage per piece. For larger quantities ask for price. ISBN:978-91-89330-69-6

Romanian Securities Issued in the First Half of the XXth Century WEBRomanian Securities Issued in the First Half of the XXth Century by Emanuel Odobescu. A book of Romanian securities with all illustrations in color. Text in Romanian and English. ISBN: 973-8068-06-1

0-not availableRSFSR & SSSR 1922-goda no nastowaschchee vrem’ya by V. Terebov, 1990. Catalog of USSR and RSFSR Internal State Loans from 1922 to the present Time. Published by Torgovskoye Knizhnoye Izdatel’stvo, Saransk, Russia. Text in Russian.

0-not availableRussian City Loans 1863- 1920 by I. Fedot. 2009, 64 pages. Lists all known Russian city loans with pictures of the bonds in color with price references. Text in Russian.

Russian Insurance Policies WEBRussian Insurance Companies by I. Fedot. 2006, 250pages. Shows shares and bonds of insurance companies, but also policies. With company histories and price information. Text in Russian.

0-not availableRussian Railway Bonds by I Fedot. 2008, 32 pages. Text in Russian. Lists all known Russian railway bonds and gives a value in rubles.

The Scripophilists Guide - Southern Africa WEBScripophilist’s Guide – Southern Africa 1985. Reference Catalog. Published by the South African Bond and Share Society, Johannesburg, South Africa. (Scan courtesy Charles Blane, Spink New York)

Scripophily 101 WEBScripophily 101: Information Every Collector of Old Stock Certificates Should Know by Paul R. Ramirez. The author has written an excellent e-book comprising general information on stocks and bonds and scripophily, details on corporate practices in issuing and redeeming stock certificates, and some interesting stories from his days as Texaco’s Director of Shareholder Services. You can download a copy by clicking: Scripophily 101 by Pail R Ramirez.

Scripophily Collecting Bonds and Stock Certificates WEBScripophily: Collecting Bonds and Stock Certificates by Keith Hollender. An early work on scripophily with information for the collector including collecting themes. ISBN: 0-87196-625-5

Scripophily The Art of Finance WEBScripophily: The Art of Finance by Keith Hollender. A wonderful introduction to scripophily with information for collectors. Many illustrations, some in color. ISBN: 0-96426-300-9

Securities of Russia and the USSR vol 1 WEBSecurities of Russia and the USSR, Volume I: Light, Chemical, Pulp and Paper Industry, Publishing and Printing by I.M. Goryanov. 2014, 224 pages. Very appealing book on certain Russian industries with large introduction in English and Russian. Color pictures of certificates and rarity indications.

Share Certificates as a Document of a Time WEBShare Certificates as a Document of a Time: Challenging Road Signs. This is another very large book and is basically the collection of Dr. Veroljub Dugalic. The text is in Serbian and English. ISBN13: 978-86-84309-13-8

Specimen Album of the Government Bonds WEBSpecimen Album of the Government Bonds By China Finance Publishing House. This is a listing of Chinese bonds issued between 1950 and 1995 with text in Chinese and English. ISBN: 7-5049-1559-9

Spekulieren mit alten Optionsscheinen WEBSpekulieren mit alten Optionsscheinen by B.F. Broker, 1991. Share option certificates. Published by WiRe Verlag, Gottingen. Text in German. (Cover scan courtesy Klaus Schiefer).

Standard Catalog of Stocks & Bonds WEBStandard Catalog of Stocks & Bonds by Rainer Stahlbarg with Colin R. Bruce II. A large volume of stocks and bonds with most being illustrated along with estimated values. ISBN: 0-87349-356-7

State Loans of the Russian Empire WEBState Loans of the Russian Empire 1798 – 1917 by Alexander E. Denisov. A listing of Russian debt. Text in Russian. ISBN: 5-8024-0036-6

Stocks and Bonds Issued by the Campagnie Universelle du Canal Interoceanique de Panama 1880-1889 and Compagnie Nouvelle de Canal de Panama 1894 by J. Grigore, 1997.  The Stocks and Bonds Issued by the Compagnie Universelle du Canal Interocéanique de Panama,1880-1889, and Compagnie Nouvelle du Canal de Panama in1894, is a first presentation about every stock and bond issued by these two French Panama Canal companies during their futile attempt to build the Panama Canal between 1880 and 1904. This presentation has 323 pages of which over 150 are profusely illustrated with charts, vintage prints, and maps. Published by Mt. Hope Shops. Text in English. (cover scan and description courtesy Hans-Georg Glasemann)

Stocks and Bonds of North American Railroads 1st Edition WEBStocks and Bonds of North American Railroads: Collectors’ Guide with Values, Insider’s First Edition by Terry Cox. This was a landmark book when it was published in 1995 and, at the time, was the most extensive listing of North American railroad certificates. Now superseded by the second edition and further on-line database at ISBN: 0-931960-40-1

Sugar Companies 1837-1926 by I. Fedot. 2014, 88 pages. Lists all known shares and bonds from the Russian sugar industry. Text in Russian, pictures in black and white.

Suppes catalogue covering DM share certificates after 1945. Issued 2010/2011 and covering 8019 certificates. Cover scan and information provided by Roland Schmidt. ISBN: 978-3-9813989-0-8

Suppes catalogue covering the German certificates from the Reichsbank hoard which were auctioned in the BARoV auctions 1 – 5.  Cover scan and information provided by Roland Schmidt.

0-not availableSvenska Aktiebrev for a Ar 1880. By. G. Indebetou. Swedish share certificates before 1880. Published by Generalstabens Litografiska Anstalt, Stockholm 1925. Reissued in facsimile 1980. Text in Swedish, summary in English.

Swedish Share Certificates Before 1850 WEBSwedish Share Certificates Before 1850 by Birger Strandberg, Ian Wisehn, Bjorn Franzen, & Jan B A Janson. A very nice publication with text in Swedish, English and German. Most illustrations in black and white. ISBN: 91-630-0421-6

Terra Australis WEBTerra Australis: An Adventurous Financial History of Australian Shares and Loans by Michael P.A. Liebig. A good financial history of Australia with may illustrations. ISBN: 3-89090-706-7

0-not availableTerritorial Florida Banks and Bonds 1821-1845 by C. Gresham, 1993.

The Art of the Market WEBThe Art of the Market: Two Centuries of American Business as Seen Through its Stock Certificates by Bob Tamarkin and Les Krantz. A very finely printed book of American stock certificates with all illustrations in color. ISBN: 1-55670-938-2

The Collectors Guide to Old U.S. Stocks and Bonds WEBThe Collector’s Guide to Old U.S. Stocks and Bonds by Andrew C. Hall, Sr. An early listing (1984 publication) of thousands of bonds and share with price estimates and some illustrations in black and white. ISBN: 533-05793-0

The Emergence of the Railway in Britain WEBThe Emergence of the Railway in Britain – Illustrated with Historic Bonds and Shares by Udo Hielscher. 2001, 32 pages. This is publication number two of the IBSS publication program. This is a fine outline of the beginnings of the railway industry in Britain. Also included are many illustrations of related bonds and share certificates. ISBN: 0-9511250-4-4

The Feel of Steel WEBThe Feel of Steel – The Art and History of Bank-Note Engraving in the United States by Mark Tomasko. An extensive history of bank-note and security engraving with many fine illustrations. ISBN13: 978-0-89722-321-8

The History of Worldwide Scripophily Auctions by Timothy V. Welo. This book is the history of scripophily auctions with chapters on a history of these auctions and how the catalogs for these auctions have evolved over time.  Two chapters report on the sales of all known auction houses. The majority of the book are two appendices. The first is a listing of all known auctions by auction house.  The date of each auction is listed along with the number of scripophily lots offered and sold.  The auction total (hammer price plus premium) is listed in the local currency and the US Dollars equivalent.  Also included is whether the catalog and prices released are in author’s personal library. ISBN: 978-1-7349855-0-4.  Click here to download the entire book (it is a fairly large file).

The Land That Never Was WEBThe Land That Never Was by David Sinclair. A very thorough history of the Poyais a fraud perpetrated by Sir Gregor MacGregor. Certificates from this fraud are an interesting group for many collectors. ISBN: 0-306-81309-2.  There is also a version of this book published in the United Kingdom entitled Sir Gregor MacGregor and the Land That Never Was with an ISBN of 0-755-310799. Other than a slightly different title and the cover art, the text is the same.

The Necessary Security An Illustrated History of Rithschild Ronds WEBThe Necessary Security – An illustrated history of Rothschild Bonds by Caroline Shaw. This is a publication of The Rothschild Archive and contains a sampling of bonds issued by the famous banking house. ISBN: 0-9538476-2-4

The Price of Liberty WEBThe Price of Liberty by W.G. Anderson, 1983. Reference catalog and history publication. Published by University of Virginia Press, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. (Cover scan courtesy David Adams)

The Scripophily Guide WEBThe Scripophily Guide by Howard Shakespeare. 2002, 32 pages. This is publication number three from the IBSS publication program. This is a very complete and readable introduction to the hobby of scripophily. Howard Shakespeare is a past editor of the Scripophily Journal and has written extensively on the hobby. A copy of this book is available for download here. ISBN: 0-9511250-5-2

The Scripophily Handbook WEBThe Scripophily Handbook – An Introduction to the Collecting of Old Bonds and Shares by the Bond and Share Society, 1986. An excellent early guide to collecting bonds and shares. It has mostly been replaced by The Scripophily Guide. ISBN: 0951 1250 01. Text in English.

standard-catalog-of-mexican-coins-paper-money-stocks-bonds-and-medals-webThe Standard Catalog of Mexican Coins, Paper Money, Stocks, Bonds and Medals by Colin R. Bruce II and Dr. George W. Vogt. 352 pages including index. Pages 332 – 346 cover stocks and bonds arranged by industry. Black and white illustrations of 31 certificates. Text in English and Spanish with certificate descriptions only in English. ISBN: 0-87341060-2 (Cover scan and description courtesy David Adams.)

0-not availableThe Standard Guide to South Asian Coins and Paper Money by C.R. Bruce II and others 1981. Includes Indian Bonds and Shares. Published by Krause Publications, Iola, Wisconsin, USA.

The Stock and Bond Collectors Price Guide WEBThe Stock & Bond Collectors Price Guide – Over 1,200 different photos and prices by Bill Yatchman. This is an early book of the hobby from 1984. It is well illustrated with many black and white photographs and as you can see from the cover it sold originally for less than fifteen dollars.

The Value of Americas Great Fortunes WEBThe Value of America’s Great Fortunes: A US Fortune Evaluation Index 1800 – 2000 Illustrated with Historic Securities by Dr. Udo Hielscher. 2010, 96 pages. This is publication number four of the IBSS publication program. This book attempts to place present day valuations of some of America’s wealthy. It is also illustrated with a number of related share certificates. ISBN13: 9789081527101

Timber, Paper, Poligraphy certificates 1858-1928 by I. Fedot. 2014, 106pages. Gives a very good overview of all known scripophily relating to the Russian paper and wood industry. Lots of pics, and information in tables as well as descriptive text. Text in Russian. Black and white.

Titoli Azionari Antichi by Alex Witula. Listing of 6,300 Italiam shares and bonds, with historical introduction and illustrations. New Enlarged publication, published by Portafoglio Storico, Bologna 2001. ISBN 88-900-170-4-X (cover scan courtesy Alex Witula)

Titoli Azionari Antichi – IX Edition by Alex Witula. Listing 11.000 Itallian shares and bond with values estimates and auction prices reached. With historical introduction and a guide of Scripophily. Published by Portafoglio Storico in 2016. ISBN 978-88-95848-09-9 (cover scan and description courtesy Alex Witula)

0-not availableTitoli Storici by C. Novara, 1988. The History, economy and finance of Italy in Old Shares and Bonds 1600-1940. Published by Compagnia Storica, Torino, Italy. Text in Italian.

Tobacco Companies 1875- 1920 by I Fedot 2009 WEBTobacco Companies 1875- 1920 by I. Fedot. 2009, 124 pages. Lists all known shares and bonds from the Russian tobacco industry. Pictures in black and white and the text is in Russian. (Cover scan courtesy Peter J. Blickisdorf)

Treasury of Mining Stocks from the Nevada Territory 1860-1864, by F.W. Hammelbacher, 1996. Published by Hammelbacher, New York, NY, USA.

0-not availableTsennie Bumagi Gosudarstva Rossiiskovo by V.I. Tarankov, 1992. Bonds and Shares of the Russian State. Published by Avtovazbank, Moscow, Russia. Text in Russian.

0-not availableVom Kasserein zur Reichbank. A listing of Reichsbank hoard, German issues, enlarged edition published by Beneke, Braunschweig 2000.

0-not availableVon 100 Thaler Preussich Kurant bis 100.000 Mark by F.K. Krugen, 1993. 100 historic securities of East Prussia. Published by Ellingen, Germany. Text in German.

Wertpapiere der US-Eisenbahngesellschaften WEBWertpapiere der U.S. Eisenbahngesellschaften by T. Schabmayr, 1996. Catalog of U.S. railroad stocks and bonds. Published by Neuhaus.

Wertpapierwelt Shares & Co WEBWertpapierwelt: Shares and Co. 2013, 77 pages. A guide to the permanent exhibition of the museum. Text in English.

Wertpapierwelt Inaugural Exhibition WEBWertpapierwelt: Inaugural Exhibition. 2003, 50 pages. A small printed book to accompany the initial exhibition of the museum in Switzerland. Text in English.

Wertpapierwelt Rich and Powerful WEBWertpapierwelt: Rich and Powerful – famous names on securities. 2004, 60 pages. A small volume designed to accompany the same named exhibit at the museum. Text in English.

Wertpapierwelt From Handwriting to Holograms WEBWertpapierwelt: From Handwriting to Holograms – Security Design Through the Ages. 2005, 90 pages. A nice small volume designed to accompany the exhibit at the museum. Text in English.

Wertpapierwelt Higher Faster Further WEBWertpapierwelt: Higher – Faster – Further – The History of Mobility on Securities. 2006, 100 pages. A small book to accompany the exhibit at the museum. Text in English.

Wertpapierwelt Tradition and Innovation WEBWertpapierwelt: Tradition and Innovation – Swiss economic history on securities certificates. 2007, 127 pages. A printed book to accompany the same named exhibit at the museum. Text in English.

Wertpapierwelt Booms & Crashes WEBWertpapierwelt: Booms & Crashes – Securities tell the story of the stock market. 2008, 135 pages. A nicely printed book to accompany the exhibit at the museum. Text in English.

Wertpapierwelt Shop Around the CLock WEBWertpapierwelt: Shop Around the Clock, The Share Paves the Way to Comsumer Society. 2010, 128 pages. A book to accompany the exhibit at the museum. Text in English.

Wertpapierwelt Woman and Finance WEBWertpapierwelt: Women and Finance: An Evolving Image. 2011, 116 pages. A finely printed small book to accompany the exhibit at the museum. Text in English.

Wertpapierwelt The Networked Business World WEBWertpapierwelt: The Networked Business World: Globalization and Shares. 2013, 28 pages. A small, thin booklet to accompany the special exhibit at the museum. Text in English.

Wertpapierwelt Kann Denn Luxus Sunde Sein WEBWertpapierwelt: Kann denn Luxus Sunde sein: Das Geschaft mit Prunt und Prestige. 2015, 48 pages. A book to accompany the exhibit at the museum. Text in German.

Wogau & Co. – the biggest German Trading House in the Russian Empire”. 2017. This book is not only worth to be read by collectors of Russian papers but for all other collectors. It contents many photographs and also pictures of the share certificates of almost all joint stock-companies, which belonged to the Moscow based Wogau Company. Click here for a more detailed description in German.

World War II Finance: Canada and Newfoundland by Dick Dunn, Dan Freeland, and Harold Kroll. Published in 2010 by BNR. there are 48 pages. Text describes the bond formats, issuance, and repayment. Images include page-sized illustrations of the front and backs of certificates, their coupons, war savings and replacement certificates, along with examples of sales and promotional material used during the war. ISBN-13: 978-0-93196-070-3.

World War II US Savings Bonds and Stamps by Fred Schwan, Larry Smulczenski, Janes Downey and Mark Watson. This is the standard book on collecting World War II defense and war bonds. The book includes detailed listings and many color illustrations.

Zoologische Garten WEBZoologische Gärten als Kapitalgesellschaften by A. Schmitz and A. Metzget. 2000, 192pages. A high quality reference book/catalogue on zoo certificates from around the world. Gives a history of each zoo and lists all known certificates, including reference price and rarity. Text in German and English. Full color & hard cover.