Other Publications

Spink Insider Articles Archive

In most of the issues of Spink Insider Magazine, their house magazine sent to clients and prospects, they frequently publish articles about significant bonds and shares, or collection coming on the market, or a newly discover hoard of materials.  Click here for a listing of these articles.  We appreciate Spink in providing these articles for the IBSS Web Site

Terry Cox Newsletters

From March of 1999 through August of 2009 Terry Cox produced 35 newsletters.  A great deal of the newsletters deal with his development of his two printed guides to Railroad Certificates and the development of the online database, but there are also a number of very interesting articles. Click here for a listing of these newsletters that you can download as pdf’s.

Franky’s Scripophily BlogSpot Archive

For the past several years one of our members, Franky Leeuwerck has blogged about all aspects of scripophily.  We are lucky to make his archives available here.

Michael Mahler Articles Archive

Michael Mahler is an IBSS member with a strong interest in stamps and he has combined his interest in both into some very interesting and well research articles.  We are lucky to have them here for your reading. Click here for a listing of these articles that you can download as pdf’s.

Labarre Galleries Newsletter Archives

In the early 1980’s LaBarre Galleries issues a number of newsletters to clients and prospects.  We are very lucky to have them here for your review.  Click here for a listing of these newsletters that you can download as pdf’s.  Special thanks to Chris LaBarre for making these available to the IBSS.