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Sponsor a page on this site!!!!!!!!!

Going forward, we are accepting sponsors for various pages on our site! A sponsor means that you will have a banner about your sponsorship on the top of the chosen page with a link to another web page of your choice.

Sponsorship is available to ANY current member of the Society.

Sponsorship is a great way to support the International Bond and Share Society.

The charge to sponsor a page for one year is $US 50.

The Pages available for sponsorship are:

Upcoming Events (Taken)
List of Books (Taken)
List of Auction Houses
List of Dealers
List of Officers and Contacts
What is Scripophily and FAQ
List of Museums
List of Related Web Sites
IBSS Journals Available for Download (members area)
Forum (members area)

Or any other page you pick!

If you are interesting in sponsoring a page, please contact Tim Welo, our Webmaster at either or