Franky Leeuwerck Biography

I am employed at the Belgian Kohera company as a senior business intelligence consultant/data engineer.

For me, analyzing business processes, querying databases with SQL statements, and working out analytical reports is a common thing to do.

I am collecting for over 30 years now and love to write about scripophily. Some of my articles can be read in: Scripophily magazine, MünzenWoche|CoinsWeekly, De Beeldenaar magazine and NONVALEURS Nachrichten|News.

In 1993 I became a member of IBSS and in 2000 I wrote a first article for Scripophily magazine. Other articles would follow.

In 2010 I started my blog Franky’s Scripophily BlogSpot.

One year later I gladly contributed some scripophily items to the “Railroads and tramways in Ypres” exhibition in Ypres, Belgium.

I joined in 2015 the IBSS Committee member and took up the role of auction report coordinator.

For my blogging activity I was awarded in 2016 the Journalistenpreis Historische Wertpapiere und Finanzgeschichte by Historisches Wertpapierhaus AG und der Scripovest AG. That was in Würzburg, Germany.

On the ocassion of the 40th Anniversary of the Svenska Föreningen för Historiska Värdepapper, which took place in Stockholm on 29 Nov 2019, I gave a talk titled “History of Computing in 20 Bonds & Shares”. I met a lot of new friends in a wonderful city.

My collecting themes are: computer companies (not software), decorative Egypt, and ‘India & South Africa related to Gandhi’.

Of course I have some certificates from my home town Ypres.