Michael Mahler Articles Archive

Michael Mahler is an IBSS member with a strong interest in stamps and he has combined his interest in both into some very interesting and well research articles.  We are lucky to have them here for your reading.

The articles he has made available for review are:

New York Stamp Taxes on Bonds 1910-1920 – here

The Bonds That Sparked the Chinese Revolution – here

Stamp Taxes on Nevada Stock Certificates 1863 – 1873, a Geographical Analysis – here

The Bradley Find: Scripophily of a Nevada Mining Venture – here

Robert Schuyler’s 1853-4 Stock Fraud on the New York and New Haven Rail Road: the Paper Trail – here

Silver Fever – Nevada Territory Stock Certificates Help Tell the Tale of Bubble that Burst – here

If you would like to contact Michael about any of these articles, he email is: mikemahler1@verizon.net.