Our Next Event is…..

An auction in Hamburg Germany on February 23rd by the firm HSK .

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Updated Scripophily Buying Guide

Max Hensley has updated his article on buying scripophily.  You can access the article here.

New Article on Chinese Railway Bonds and Shares added

Peter Crush has generously shared with us an extensive publication on Chinese Railway Bonds and Shares

For a link to this interesting article and for more information on Peter, please click here.

Terry Cox shares the secret of handling word files with embedded images

The latest issue of Scripophily contained a call out box about a submitted article that could not be used because the images were embedded in the test.

Here is Terry’s solution to dealing with this problem.

  1. Word files have an extension of “.docx.” Rename the file from “.docx” to “.zip.”
  2. Extract the contents like any other zip file. The extraction will create several folders.
  3. One of the folders is named “word.” Inside that folder is a folder named “media.” That is where images live in their native forms. Copy files and use normally.




Norwegian Scripophily Announces Spring Auction

Our colleagues from the Norwegian Scripophily Soeciety (http://aksjebrev.com) have announced their spring auction will take place on May 4th.

If you wish to receive a pdf catalog of the sale, please email Oddvar Walle Jensen at: owallejensen@gmail.com

Certificate of the week (February 18, 2019)

Scan courtesy Frank Hammelbacher

Click on Image for a larger version


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