How large is the Hobby of Scripophily?

One of our Swedish members, John Örtengren  has taken an educated guess at the size of our hobby.  Click here to see his thoughts.

How to Buy Scripophily

Our Journal Editor, Max Hensley has taken a stab on an extensive list of things to consider when buying Bonds and Shares.

It is an interesting read and can be found here.



Certificate of the week (June 19, 2017)

Click on image for a larger version

Some photos from the IBSS Bourse of May 20, 2017.

All photographs courtesy Martin Zanke.

 (L to R) Steve Maier and Francis Nys

(L to R) Joachim Wallrabenstein and Keith Hollender

(L to R) Mike Veissid and Kelvin Cheung (Spink HK)

Andrew Litherland, Peter Christen and Volker Malik searching the Bogue bequest one more time.


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