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Visit to the Verkehrsmuseum Karlsruhe

By Wilhelm Leiter

Recently I visited the Verkehrsmuseum Karlsruhe, where you can see vintage cars, motorcycles, bicycles and model railways. It has special zones for famous people from Karlsruhe related to traffic including:

  • – Karl Friedrich Drais: inventor of the “running machine”, ancestor of the bicycles and,
  • – Carl Benz: automobile engineer, who has created the first practical motorcar 1885

There is part of the museum dedicated to the company Maschinenfabrik Gritzner, later Gritzner-Kayser AG, which has produced mainly sewing machines, bicycles and motorbikes in Durlach.

Durlach is a borough of Karlsruhe since 1938, before it was an independent town. There we can also see a share from the Gritzner-Kayser AG beside the documentation about the company, a sewing machine and several different bicycles and motorbikes of this company.

The museum is installed in a building, where the company Tonfunk (not a public limited company) has produced its radios from 1947 – 1965.  Grundig has aquired the Tonfunk company and produced TVs in the same building until 1980.

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