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Society Breakfast

There will be a breakfast meeting of the Bond and Share Society at the Wall Street Bourse. The breakfast will be at 9:15 am in the Basement Library of the Museum of American Finance on Sunday, October 23rd.

Avrun Grader will speak about the Bre-x mining fraud and Tim Welo will discuss the Society Web Page.  SEE YOU THERE!

IBSS Summer 2016 Auction Results

The auction turnover was £1852.00 + 10% commission equaled £2037.20.  134 out of 179 lots sold, thus 76.5%.  A full copy of the results can be found here. A little more detail on the results are here.

A Great Reason to Join…

One of the best reasons to join the International Bond and Share Society is our journal which is published three times a year. Here is a sample issue so you can see what you are missing!

Our Latest Gallery…

Sayeed Cassim has sent in a few certificates from his collection. Sayeed finds these certificates interested as the dates are listed related to the reign of a King or Queen.

Click here to see Gallery 9 (Note, this is in the Members only section of the Website.)

Certificate of the Week (October 17,  2016)


Click in image for a larger version.

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